Friday, September 16, 2011

synergy with two macbooks

if you are trying to use synergy - with two macbooks pick version 1.3.1. Because with other versions the keyboard won't switch to the clients at all.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Firefox Addon Statistics



I never thought that 67000 people will download this extension when I wrote this :) It grew organically and fun to watch.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Simply True & Utterly Humorous: Life in graphs

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Annu K Rekha
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Early bird gets the worm, but the Second mouse gets the cheese.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bangalore Parking Rules

Vehicle Towed

I had my vehicle towed for the first time in bangalore today. I parked my (friend's) two wheeler in front of a SBI ATM on MG road to withdraw some cash. I did not notice that there was a towing vehicle behind me and also did not know that I was not supposed to park there. It took me just 45 seconds to figure out that the atm was not working, I turned back and my vehicle was being loaded into the towing vehicle. I argued that I did not know that I should not park here and pleaded to give the vehicle back. But the towers instructed me to come to the traffic police station, pay the fine and pick the vehicle.

At the Traffic Police Station

I took a auto immediately, rushed to the police station mentioned. My two wheeler was already chained in front of the station, ultra fast. I went to the station and enquired for the procedure. They instructed me to pay 300 rupees fine and take the vehicle. It was very straight forward, a) pay the fine b) get the receipt c) ride the vehicle back. I should say that I was very happy with the experience at the station. There is no unnecessary questions, no asks for bribe, etc, etc. The auto owner mentioned that Bangalore is like United States and policemen are very strict. All in all I felt very happy about the experience, even though I had to pay 300 rupees. I made a mistake and I paid for it. I should better know the parking and traffic rules at Bangalore before I start to drive.


Note that there were no documents asked at the station to prove that you own the vehicle. I just provided my driving license (tamilnadu license) and 300 rupees. I also did specify the vehicle number. Its just very easy to go outside the station, look at a vehicle that is chained, note down the number, go in pay the fine and take the vehicle away. So if your vehicle is towed I advice you to go and get it back as soon as possible. Obviously someone else needs a key to drive your vehicle away, but its very easy to get a master key for some vehicles.


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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Internet Explorer 9 Pro Challenge

1 . Webpages and applications load noticeably faster and are incredibly more responsive with Internet Explorer 9 because of:
2 . Internet Explorer 9 Beta added which security feature to help protect end users from malware and phishing attacks?
3 . Which Operating System version has the additional components required for automatic installation of the RTM version Internet Explorer 9 (when it is released)?
4 . Internet Explorer 9 provides the following new Group Policy setting (among others) to support its new features:
5 . Which of the following IE7 and IE8 settings is migrated after Internet Explorer 9 Beta upgrade?
6 . Compatibility View mode allows websites that were designed for __________ to work properly in Internet Explorer 9.
7 . Internet Explorer 9 Beta provides for approximately how many Group Policy Settings to help streamline desktop management and support?
8 . What can IT Pros use to create custom, branded versions of Internet Explorer 9 that they can deliver as standalone packages or with other software and services?
9 . Which toolkit contains tools and documentation for evaluating and mitigating application compatibility issues before deploying Windows 7?
10 . The Blocker Toolkit allows IT Pros to block __________ installation through automatic updates.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tips to watch YUI Theater videos on your iPad

Just wanted to share some tips from @miraglia which he shared on a mailing list. Two things will make your life better when watching YUI Theater videos on your iPad.

#1: HD versions.
     Since late last year, YUI Theater made HD (480p) versions of all videos available for download (e.g., ).  The easiest way to view these on your iPad is to use an app like GoodReader to download and view them.  YUI Theater will do that for all videos that they will shoot at YUIConf this year. 
     They will also set up a YUI Theater HD podcast on iTunes to allow you to automate this in case you don't have GoodReader.  The current iTunes channel only downloads the low-resolution version.  You can use iTunes today by manually downloading the HD version, adding it to your iTunes library, and then putting it on a playlist that syncs to your iPad. 

#2: Better formatting of code and slides
     We do almost all YUI Theater work using personal equipment -- we don't have expensive Yahoo! studio gear.  But where possible we are now recording screen and speaker separately and showing the screen in the maximum resolution allowed by the video dimensions -- see (in the middle) for an example of what that looks like.  Especially for talks that have a lot of live coding, that format helps us see the screen a lot better in the video.
     We won't do this for every talk, but we'll do as much of it as we can.

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Sunday, October 3, 2010


I recently started using Titanium from appcelerator for mobile development and wanted to share some tips. Its actually more of the problems I encountered and solutions I discovered.

Problem 1 - A project created by my friend won't import properly on my machine. When I mean it won't import properly, titanium developer reported that the import was successful. But when I navigate to test & package tab, it would be blank. 

Solution: The problem here was that my friend did not commit the build directory that was created by titanium, to the repository. So when I imported the project there was no build directory in it. Titanium should ideally error out while importing or atleast give some sort of warning, but it did not do that. And normally as engineers, we assume that build directory contains some build output so we won't commit them. But you have to when you develop with Titanium.

Problem 2 - When I try to create a new mobile project, titanium will say "error creating project, try again" but nothing about what the error is.

Solution: the problem here was the default sdk version selected by titanium when I created a new project was not supported. So I had to change it to successfully create a project. Again, a generic message from titanium here doesn't help much. Once I change the sdk to 1.2.0 it was successful.

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